Kingdom of Dur-Amar

The Kingdom of Dur-Amar

The kingdom of Dur-Amar was founded when the people who live outside of the jungles of the Zapotec rebelled against their rule. The rebellion happened long in the past. So long that some doubt that they were ever part of the same kingdom.

The city

The city itself that is the heart of the kingdom is a major metropolis area. With over 800,000 peoples of various races mostly elves and humans. There is a small population of dwavres from the western mountains as well. It is ruled by an oligarchy of the 12 richest families. One dwarf is present at meetings as a Representative of the Kingdom of four Circles.

Recently there has been trouble in the kingdom, bandits have been sited and raiding parties have appeared in the southern regions near the jungles. The kingdom has responded with crackdowns and rapid responses using light beacons and zeppelins shuttling troops out to problem areas.

Kingdom of Dur-Amar

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